🧑Custom Attributes

How to build a segment using Custom Attributes.

Sometimes the filters that Gleantap provides do not have the specific metric / data point you are looking for, which is where Custom attributes come in. These custom attributes are the raw data we get from your CRM. Most of them are mapped directly into the other filters we have covered, but those that can't be easily mapped live here.

Next we'll cover how you can use these.

In the screenshot above, you can see where to find and use the Custom Attributes when creating a segment. But there are a few ways you can make these easier to use.

Generating Options: If you try to use a custom attribute, it will default to using 'is equal to,' which requires you to know exactly what the data options are to input them. It also doesn't allow for you to select multiple options easily.

Here is how you can make that process simpler. First, navigate to Configure - Workroom Settings - Attributes.

This will take you to a list of all of the attributes or data points from your CRM. If you have added new attributes recently, make sure to click the button '+ Generate Attributes from Data' to see the full list.

Once you have all of the attributes generated, you will see a delete option and three lines next to each of the attributes listed.

Click on those three lines and this menu will open.

In order to make this attribute useful when making a segment, click on the blue text at the bottom that says 'Generate Options.' When you do, it will pull the data for this attribute and show you all of the available options.

Keep in mind: These attributes only display if they are linked with a user in the system. If you aren't seeing an option you expect to see, it is likely because it is not currently linked to a member in the system.

Once your options are generated, click 'Create' to save the options.

Now you are able to go back to Segments and use this attribute as a filter. This is how it will look now below.

Now you are all set to use Custom Attributes the same way you would other filter options. If you have any questions, reach out to support@gleantap.com.

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