🧑Inviting Members

Once you complete the initial onboarding module, you'll want to start adding people from your team to use Gleantap.

This can be done by navigating to the top right of your account where you'll see a circle with your initials. Click on the circle to open the drop-down and select 'Settings.'

Once in Settings, select 'Sub-users' on the left-hand side. Then select 'Add Sub-user with the green button to begin adding your team.

Here is what you'll need to configure for each sub-user:

Name: This is how their name will appear throughout the account, so keep that in mind.

Email: This will be how they sign in along with their password. Currently, it will not send them an email when their sub-user account is added.

Password: Set for them and send to them to login. They can always update it later once they sign in.

Workrooms: If your account has multiple workrooms, select the workrooms you would like the user to have access to or leave it blank to give them access to all workrooms.

Role: Users can be assigned to the following roles, which provide different levels of access.

  • Admin: Access to everything in the account, no restrictions.

  • Workroom Admin: Access to everything in their workroom, can't edit items originally created by full admin accounts.

  • Marketing: Has access to campaigns and inbox, but not sales features.

  • Sales: Has access to pipeline and inbox, but not marketing features.

  • Analyst: Can't create new campaigns/automations, but can review reports and analyze existing set up.

Enable Voice Calling: Voice calling is available for certain accounts for $15/mo per line. You can enable Voice from here by selecting this option. Speak with your CS team for further information.

Enable Sales / Pipeline Role: Select this only if you want to be assigned leads/tasks within the pipeline.

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