📱SMS Campaign

Follow the steps below to create an Email Campaign

Step 1: Navigate in your account to Campaigns - SMS Campaigns. Click on the large green button on the top right with the '+' icon.

When you do, the following area will display to set up your campaign.

Step 2: Message. This is where you define the message that you are going to send to your members. It includes a few items, which we will review individually below.

2a: Campaign Name: This is for internal use only, your end-users will not be able to see this.

2b: Tags: For internal use to organize your campaigns. End-users will not see tags.

2c: From Number: This can be set up in your account under Configuration - SMS Configuration. If it isn't there, please contact support@gleantap.com for assistance.

2d: Message: This is where you can write out your message. You are limited to 320 characters.

If you chose a Single-Opt-In approach, be sure to include 'Reply STOP to opt-out.' at the end of your messages.

If you want to further personalized your message, click on the button that says 'Personalize' to add merge tags to the copy. For instance, by adding {first_name}, it will add the recipients' first name to the copy of the message when sent through campaigns.

2e: Image: Images, videos, and other files can be added to SMS Campaigns. Keep in mind, the file size cannot exceed 5MB and it costs 2 extra SMS credit for an image per recipient.

Step 3: Audience. This is where you can select who you want to receive your message.

3a: Click on the dropdown in the left-most box from this page to select if you want to set up the campaign for clients who might have opted in with a specific keyword. This is especially important if you have set up double opt-in.

SMS Campaigns are pre-selected to send to only contacts who have opted in with keyword 'YES,' so click the drop-down menu to make any necessary changes.

3b: While you can create a segment here like the ones in the screenshot, we recommend making segments ahead of time so that you can find them with the search box.

Segment exclusion is also an option in this section by clicking 'Exclude Segments' on the right.

3c: Calculate your audience by clicking the blue 'Calculate Target Audience' option. This will tell you how large your potential audience is. We always recommend calculating before sending to make sure it sends to the correct audience.

Step 4: Time/Trigger - Select when the campaign will launch.

4a: Send ASAP: If selected, once you confirm the campaign, it will begin sending right away.

4b: Specific Date & Time: If selected, the campaign will begin sending at the time specified.

4c: Ongoing (Automated Campaign): If selected, the campaign will send once confirmed to the current audience + anyone added to the audience moving forward.

When selecting an 'Ongoing campaign,' you have 2 options: once/day or multiple times/day.

Once/day will send the campaign each day to new audience members at the same time every day. You can specify that under the 'Once a Day at' box.

Multiple Times/day will send the campaign as soon as the new information is added to the audience, outside of your quiet hours.

Step 5: If everything looks correct, you can confirm your campaign and finish up the process by clicking on the button that says 'Confirm.'

The next page will show you a brief overview of your SMS Campaign, including any overage fees you will incur should you exceed your credit quota.

Step 6: Once you click 'Confirm' your campaign will start sending.

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