🔗Push Leads to ClubReady

Flow, via Webhook

First, navigate to your flow list under Flows and click on the three little dots to edit your flow. The following steps will be the same if your are creating a new flow.

Click the + to add an Action, and select 'Other.'

Select 'Submit to Webhook' and enter the following information.

Webhook URL: https://api.gleantap.com/v1/ClubReady/addProspecttoCR/app_id

app_id is your workroom ID that shows up in the URL when you are on your dashboard. It looks something like 65788024711cb93776586fb2 (eg.)

Enter the following information on the left column under 'Payload' and select the matching attribute from the menu on the right column.

Click 'Save.'

Data Attributes to Pass (Payload):

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • email

  • phone, optional

  • send_email, (Send a Welcome Email from ClubReady?)

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