📲Keyword Campaign

Follow the steps below to create an Keyword Campaign

Keyword campaigns can be a great way to engage with your customers and get feedback, offer promotions, or other offers. They work by having a user send an SMS to your number with a specific keyword to receive a specific response. Some typical keywords are START, STOP, and HELP, but you can create anything else (e.g. the keyword PROMO triggers an automated response that inclues a coupon code when texted).

Here's how to set one up in your account.

Step 1: In your account, navigate to Campaigns - Keyword Campaigns. Click on the green '+' to create a new one.

Name your campaign and hit continue.

1a: Campaign Name: We typically just name this the keyword you want to use, but this is for internal use only, so whatever makes the most sense to you.

1b: Type: Unless you are setting up a specific type of campaign (like a Ratings or Referral campaign), keep this on 'None.'

1c: Tags: For internal use to keep track of keyword campaigns. Completely optional.

Step 2: Add your keyword and auto-response.

2a: Keyword: Not case sensitive, but you do want to make this one word with no spaces so that the system will properly read it.

2b: Webhook: Unless specified, leave this on 'No.'

2c: Auto Response: This will send as soon as someone texts the keyword. If they need to take a further action, such as visit a website or send another keyword, make sure to add that in here.

If you want to further personalized your email subject line, click on the button that says 'Personalize' to add merge tags to the subject line. For instance, by adding {first_name}, it will add the recipients' first name to the subject line of the email when sent through campaigns.

Hit continue to get to the confirmation page.

Step 3: Confirm. If everything looks good, hit 'confirm' on the final page to activate the Keyword Campaign.

3a: Test the keyword. If you want to make sure the keyword is working, try sending a text message to your assigned phone number to make sure you get the auto-response.

You can find your number by going to Configuration - Workroom. It will be listed as 'Assigned Phone #'

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