👋Popular Use Cases

Gleantap is a powerful marketing & sales platform that can easily be customized to your specific use cases.

Here are popular ways customers use Gleantap

  • Capture & Automate Lead Follow ups - Capture leads from multiple sources (eg. your website, facebook ads, google ads, etc) into a single platform and take them through a automated lead journey with multiple email, text touch points.

  • Onboard Customers - Onboard new customers by sending them automated instructions for the first 4 - 8 weeks to set them up for success.

  • Drive Repeat Visits or Purchases - You can automate touchpoint to bring customers back based on recency of visit or purchase. If a customer goes over X days without a visit / purchase, engage them with an email or text.

  • Get More Reviews & Feedback - Set up campaigns to ask for reviews or feedback after a visit or purchase. Use that to drive reviews using our Reputation module to your Google & Facebook pages or collect internal feedback and generate sentiment analysis.

  • Win Back Lost Customers - Create drip sequence to your cancelled customers to win them back with love, discounts & more.

  • Build Loyalty with Positive Reinforcements - Setup milestone touch points for 10th visit, 50th visit, 100th visit & more to let customer celebrate the moment.

  • Support with Two-way Conversion - Provide exceptional support to your customers by providing support over email, sms, facebook & more using our Inbox.

  • Track Sales Performance - Use our pipeline module to stay on top of leads as they travel through the journey and use the sales dashboard to stay on top of the team's performance. Easily track conversion %, team activities, avg response times & more.

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