How to use the Settings area of your Reputation module in Gleantap.

The Settings area of the Reputation Module contains 5 sections: Connections, Notifications, Customize, Saved Responses, and Configure AI. Here is how to use each section.

Connections: This area of the Reputation settings is where you can set up your connections with Facebook and Google (Yelp coming soon) for your locations. Simple click on + Add New Connection and login with the corresponding buttons to establish the integration.

If you have multiple locations, make sure the correct one is selected from the dropdown.

Notifications: This area allows you to turn on email notifications for receiving new reviews and feedback. You can set up multiple notification rules for different members of your team based on their role in responding to feedback.

The 'Instant Email' notification will send you a notification each time a new receive is received. The 'Daily Digest' will send you a daily breakdown of all reviews received that day.

Customize: The 'Customize' section is where you can edit your landing pages for gathering feedback and reviews. We cover this in 'Setting up your Reputation,' but if you ever need to make adjustments to your landing pages, this is where you will do it.

Saved Responses: When responding to reviews and feedback, you'll likely have common responses to good, bad, and neutral feedback. Under Saved Responses, you can write these out ahead of time to save you time later when responding to reviews. Once they are saved, they will appear as a dropdown template when responding to feedback from the Reviews section.

Configure AI: If you are using Gleantap's AI tool and want it to respond to reviews and feedback, you can customize this section to instruct the AI how to respond.

There is a section for General Instructions, which would tell the AI what it's purpose is, along with instructions for Positive, Neutral, and Negative reviews so it knows what to pull from.

If you need help writing these instructions, ask your CS team or email support@gleantap.com for assistance.

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