⭐Setting up Reputation

How to set up the Reputation Module in your account

When you first go to the Reputation area, you will likely see this (unless your CS team has already given access)

Click on 'Try it Free for 2 Months' to begin your set up.

You will see these steps once you enable the reputation area.

You can simply click on the items for it to take you to the different sections. Or you can find them from the Settings section on the left-hand dropdown.

For connecting your review source, click on the button or go to Settings - Connections and click 'Add New Connection.' When you do, you will be prompted to login or connect your Facebook and Google pages. Click on the buttons to do so and link those to the Reputation area.

To turn on your notifications, click on the item on the checklist or go to Settings - Notifications. From there, you will be able to customize who receives notifications and for which reviews. You can get a daily list of new reviews or an email for each one that comes in.

The final step of set up is customizing the landing pages that will actually be sent to users who you want to receive feedback from. You can do so by clicking on the item on the checklist or by going to Settings - Customize.

There are two pages you can customize - the review page and the feedback page.

For the review page, this is where it will prompt them to go to Facebook, Google, or leve internal feedback. You can add your logo, accent colors, and more to make this page look nice for sending out.

For the feedback page where you receive internal feedback, you can change the labels of the different areas on the page. The accent colors and logo from the other options will carry over here as well.

One additional option for the feedback page is to add additional questions to the form when they leave feedback. This can be found on the right hand side.

Once you have all of these items set up, you are ready to start requesting feedback and reviews. Simply copy and paste the links from the Customize page into your email and SMS campaigns to solicit responses.

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