🖥️Triggering Workflows

Appointment Segments

One way you can trigger a workflow is by creating an appointment segment. This segment can be used to trigger Email and / or SMS Campaigns to be sent out as confirmation or reminders of upcoming appointments or appointment feedback.

Follow along to create an appointment segment.

Step 1: Click ‘Segments’ on the left side beneath ‘Audience’.

Your list of segments will open up, click the green + at the top right to create a new segment.

Step 2: The new segment page will open, enter the segment title, in this case something like ‘Appointment Confirmation’, ‘Appointment Reminder’ or ‘Appointment Feedback’ would be appropriate.

Click ‘Add Filter’ to open the filter menu. Click ‘Appointments’ on the bottom left, then ‘Created Date’ and choose when you would like to trigger campaigns that are using this segment.

For example, let’s say I’d like to send out an appointment confirmation email on the same day that someone books their appointment. I would select ‘Today’.

Once you’ve made your selection, click ‘Save’.

Now your segment is ready!

Here are some other filter options…

Upcoming Appointments:

Upcoming, Completed or No Show Status:

Pipeline Automation & Tasks

You can also trigger workflows by setting up Pipeline automations and tasks. Keep in mind, appointment segments are required for this method. Follow along below to set it up.

Step 1: Open up your Pipeline automations by opening your Pipeline page and clicking ‘Automation’ at the top right next to the green +.

Step 2: Once the Pipeline Automations page opens up, click the green + at the top right to open up the New Automation menu.

Enter the information, see below for an example. Make sure to select ‘On going’ so the automation continues to run in the background.

Once you have chosen the segment, click ‘+ Add Action’ and select which action you’d like members in your custom appointment segment to proceed with. For example, they can enter or leave a particular stage in your Pipeline, or an account user can be assigned a task regarding their appointment.

Once you’ve selected, the next page will open up for you to make your final selections. FYI, more than one action can be added to an automation.

Check out these links for find out more about pipeline automations and automating tasks.

Form Workflow

Another way to trigger a workflow is by including your Public Calendar link in a form. Check out this article for instructions on how to trigger form workflows.

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