đŸ“ŖOngoing vs One Time

When setting up your campaigns, you have several timing options: ASAP, later, or automated / ongoing.

Send ASAP: If selected, the campaign will begin sending right away. Keep in mind, if this selected during quiet hours, the campaign will begin sending once your quiet hours have ended.

Send Later: If selected, the campaign will begin sending at the time specified.

Automated / Ongoing: If selected, the campaign will send once confirmed to the current audience + anyone added to the audience moving forward.

For example, if I make an audience of people on the 'Intro' membership plan, each time a new person signs up for the 'Intro' membership plan, this email will send.

When selecting an 'Automated / Ongoing' campaign' you have 2 options: at a specified time or at any time.

'At a specified time' will send the campaign each day to new audience members at the same time every day. You can specify that in the 'At a specified time' section.

'Anytime' will send the campaign as soon as the new information is added to the audience, outside of your quiet hours.

Intelligent Sending (AI): This option may override the above preferences, based on the user's most engaged time. For example, if the recipient has historically opened their emails around 2:00 pm, their campaign will send at that time.

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