Gleantap is a powerful sales & marketing platform that helps you convert more leads into customers and customers into fans through automated & data-driven messaging.

With Gleantap, you can better understand your customer behavior and use that to power the right campaigns to maximize revenue.

This documentation should help you navigate through Gleantap easily, however if you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at support@gleantap.com.

🛠ī¸pageGetting set upđŸ“ĢpageInbox Overview✔ī¸pageTasks OverviewđŸ“ŖpageCreating a CampaignđŸ–Ĩī¸pageCreating Segments🗂ī¸pageCreating TemplatesđŸ–Ĩī¸pageCreating a Flow📋pageCreating a Form📝pageCreating a PageđŸ–Ĩī¸pagePipeline OverviewđŸ–Ĩī¸pageAppointments OverviewđŸ–Ĩī¸pageMarketing Dashboard📊pageCampaign AnalysisđŸ–Ĩī¸pageScorecard OverviewđŸ–Ĩī¸pageChanging Timezone🔗pageHow to Integrate Gleantap with Ring Central

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