🆎A / B Campaign

A / B Campaigns are a great way to test out multiple variants of your campaigns with different subsets of contacts see which one garners the best results. Follow the steps below to create yours.

Step 1: Navigate in your account to Campaigns - Email Campaigns. From here, you will click on the green circle with the '+' symbol then A/B campaign to try out multiple templates and subject lines.

Step 2: Overview - Add general information to the campaign like name and objective.

2a: Campaign Name: This is for internal use only, your end-users will not be able to see this.

2b: Tags: This is optional and for internal use to organize your campaigns. End-users will not see tags.

Step 3: Design - Select the 'From' address, create your Subject line, and choose a template to use for this campaign.

3a: Once the template is selected, you can make edits to the template before saving for this campaign.

*Keep in mind that the template will only save for this one campaign. Any changes made at this stage will not be reflected on the original template.*

3b: New A/B Test Variant: Click '+ New A/B Test Variant to add your campaign and follow the above instructions to create this variant. We recommend creating no more than 3-4 variants.

Once you have made selections for all variants, click 'Done.' You will then be shown a preview of each variant.

'From' Email: This will be the email address that your end-users see the email coming into their inbox from, so make sure you select the email you have designated for this purpose.

Responses to this email will go to the email you select as the 'from' email. If you want responses to go to a different email address, click on 'Add a Reply to' and select an email address from the drop-down to re-route responses to a different inbox.

Step 4 - Time/Trigger - This is where you can select when your email will send.

4a: Send ASAP: If selected, once you confirm the campaign, it will begin sending right away.

4b: Send Later: If selected, the campaign will begin sending at the time specified.

4c: Automated / Ongoing: If selected, the campaign will send once confirmed to the current audience + anyone added to the audience moving forward.

For example, if I make an audience of people on the 'Intro' membership plan, each time a new person signs up for the 'Intro' membership plan, this email will send.

Step 5: Confirm - If everything looks correct, you can confirm your campaign and finish up the process by clicking on the button that says 'Confirm' and your campaign will begin sending.

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