📋Trigger Flows or Campaigns

Can I use form submissions to trigger a campaign or create a task?

Yes, you can! Each time a form is created, the system automatically makes a Segment that collects all of the form submissions. To view this segment, you can either go to Audience > Segments and find it based on the name of the form. Or, you can navigate to Forms & Pages > Forms click on 'View Segment' from the three dots to the right of the form like you see below.

With that segment, you can trigger a task. Read more in the article linked below:

✔ī¸Automating Tasks

Or, you can trigger a campaign. Read more in the articles linked below:


Form Segments

If you ever accidentally delete the segment that was automatically made or want to make a new segment to only see responses from a certain question, you can do that under Audience > Segments.

Click on the green '+' button to start a new segment. Then, select 'Add Filter' and click on 'Forms' to see your options.

From there, you can select your group based on the form they filled out (or didn't fill out) along with how they answered a certain question. These options are generated directly from the form, so make sure your attributes are properly mapped.

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