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Our Lead Generation tool you can add to your website

To edit your Chat-to-Text widget in your account, navigate to the top right of your account and click Configure - Chat-to-Text Widget

The Chat-to-Text widget is a great tool for generating leads from your website and beginning conversations via web and turning them into SMS.

Here is an overview of how it works as well as how to configure it in your account.

When you get to the above page, you will see the following options. Make sure to update the options on the right before copying the code on the left to add it to your website.

Color: The color you add here, either with a 6 digit HEX code or from the color picker, is the color of the icon that will appear on your site where people will begin their conversations. We'd recommend reviewing the existing colors on your website to make sure this will work and not clash with your existing set up.

Greeting: This greeting is what will appear when users on your site hover over the widget icon. Our default message is 'Have a Question?' which can be a good way to start conversations. However, you are welcome to change this as needed based on your goals with using the widget.

When they click on the widget, the greeting is what they will be responding to. So make sure that your team is aware what question is being asked to make sure they know how to properly answer when the messages come in.

Contact Info Required: Phone or SMS are your options here. Once they submit their chat, this is how you will follow up with them. We typically recommend SMS, as that is usually the best way to get quick follow ups to your users. However, if you are planning to follow up via email, you'll want to select email as your contact info requirement.

Opt-in Disclaimer: This will be shown after they submit their phone number / email to let them know they will be contacted and can unsubscibe at any point if they'd like.

Default wording: You agree to opt-in to receiving text messages. Message & data rates may apply. You can optout any time by replying STOP.

Auto-response Message: If you'd like for them to immediately receive a follow up via SMS/Email when they submit their question/chat, you can add an auto-response here. It can be a good way to continue the conversation with a generic response while your team writes a more personal response.

Once these are all configured, copy the Embed Widget Code and add it to your website on pages where you'd like to start conversations with website visitors.

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